National Academies of Science – Thriving in the Innovation Economy through Collaborations of Government, Universities, and Industry

Thriving in the innovation economy demands a different approach to policy and programs.  It requires a higher degree of collaboration between government, universities, and industry, and the establishment of regional innovation networks to generate new jobs and wealth.  It requires economic development policies that will facilitate the movement of intellectual property and human capital between academia, industry, and our Federal labs and institutions.  Further, it needs to be sustainable.  Thriving in the innovation economy is a journey, not a one-time event.  It is the creation of a persistent regional collective intelligence that continuously produces the innovations that are the foundation of a lasting competitive advantage.  This talk presents a new approach using Innovation Network Mapping, and the concept of an Innovation Genotype™, to accomplish these objectives.

On 2/28/17 GUIRR held a workshop to discuss Innovation Network Mapping and how to build regional collective intelligence to drive innovation and economic growth with Gary Markovits, cofounder and CEO of Innovation Business Partners, Inc., an organization that helps high-growth companies; laboratories and governments increase their capacity for innovation.