The Friday Process

Friday Process™ is focused on creating the habits which will foster a culture of innovation poised to solve tomorrow’s problems.  The Friday Process™ does so by working the methods of Insight Driven Innovation into employees weekly routine.

Anthropologists define a an organization’s culture as their collective set of learned behavior patterns – their habits.  By actively encouraging habits aimed to empower people to be more creative and innovative, management is effectively investing the their future problem solving capability. After the initial Naval Sea Warfare Center pilot they estimated in a ten week period it saved them 2 years and $10 million dollars of R&D.  

The Friday Process™ starts with an organization’s vision and road-maps.  From these a set of challenge statements are extracted for which IBP develops search strategies to find relevant inventions from multiple domains.  Every Friday your researchers are fed one of the challenge statements along with one or two relevant inventions.  They then gather in small groups to deconstruct the new inventions much like they would in IDI but these are short half hour sessions which are meant to “plant” new elements and relationships in their minds.  They are not expected or encouraged to solve the problem on Friday.  For researchers solving a problem is self-actualization.  The weekend becomes an “incubation” period so critical to creativity.  On Monday the insights incubated over the weekend are harvested.  With the Navy we have documented an order of magnitude increase in the number of ideas.  Equally important, the Navy saw a dramatic rise in morale – self-actualizing researchers are happy researchers!

Finally, the Friday Process habit is reinforced with a set of self-enabling reward mechanisms.  Self-enabling rewards have two primary characteristics: 1) they are under the control of the researcher, and 2) instead of monetary rewards they are rewards that enable and encourage the researcher to do more of the very behavior pattern they have been recognized for – i.e. a positive feedback loop!

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