Modeling Innovation

While IDI is focused on the fundamental creative process and the Friday Process turns that habit into a culture of innovation there is still a need to quantify an organization’s capacity for innovation.  Based upon the Network Theory of Creativity and Innovation (NTCI) developed by IBP we are able to visualize and quantify an organization’s innovation networks and those of their competitors.

By leveraging well established network mathematics to inventorship networks it is possible to visualize and measure an organizations capacity for innovation.  For example, we found that a very small number of researchers form an “Innovation Backbone” that spans the entire network.  These very special people are critical to both designing and propagating changes in process and policy that affect your capacity for innovation.  Next, ideas are like contagions, a good idea spreads but its extent and persistence is limited by network parameters like the largest connected component of the network or its correlation coefficient.  Want to know how to design your innovation network to enhance the spread of ideas, IBP can help you do that.

How about the competition?  What few scientists comprise the backbone of your competitor’s network?  What would happen to your competitor’s capacity for innovation if part of their backbone were to leave?  Looking internally what will happen to your capacity should part of your backbone leave or retire?  What succession plans do you have to replace critical elements of your backbone?  What mentoring plans do you have for the current backbone to educate future members of the backbone?

The network concepts are also critical to collaborations and acquisitions.  Using the innovation network analysis IBP can identify interesting organizations for collaboration and within those organizations the specific members of their Innovation Backbone that you should insist on being part of the collaboration.  Acquiring another company, what would happen if you did not acquire their Innovation Backbone?  Their innovation backbone is the critical asset to acquire.

Managing Innovation