Insight Driven Innovation

Insight Driven Innovation™ (IDI) is the fundamental process fostering “Ah ha!” moments in a systematic way.  As Einstein said, “All creativity is combinatorial play.”  Arthur Koestler coined the term “bisociation” to describe the act of combining two normally disjoint planes of thought producing creative tension that results in the insights behind all great science, technology, art, literature and humor.  IDI embodies bisociation and combinatorial play in a process that has been shown to dramatically increase an organization’s capacity for innovation.

IDI is a very effective means of stimulating creative tension focused on the critical challenges of an organization.  IDI has two key parts: 1) defining the right challenges to solve, and 2) solving those challenges by leveraging the world’s investment in R&D.  An organization can make no bigger mistake than to dedicate precious resource to solving the wrong problem.  Defining the right problem is akin to designing quality into your innovation process.  The problem you choose to solve bounds the value you can create. 

With the right challenge to solve in hand, IBP generates context specific and context agnostic search strategies which culminates in a rich set of inventions from many domains and across the world.  We then teach your subject matter experts to decompose those inventions into their elements and relationships.  From there combinatorial play produces new combinations of those elements and relationships to solve the challenge.  The result is to mimic what the brain does naturally during bisociation.