Innovation Training Class

Leading & Managing Innovation in a Complex Connected World

Intended Audience: Supervisors, Managers, Team Leads, Project Managers and Developmental Program Participants

Course Description

It is only through innovation that we have dominated the marketplace and battlefield to provided security, wealth and prosperity for our organizations and country. Tomorrow’s complex connected world will require that we develop an even stronger culture of innovation capable of rapid response in a volatile, uncertain and ambiguous environment.

Course goal:

  • Address new ways to lead, manage and increase innovation in a complex connected world

To achieve this goal, we need to be able to:

  • Communicate a new model of innovation as a social network phenomenon and apply key network concepts
  • Identify and enable key people to lead, manage and increase the organization’s capacity for innovation
  • Increase the propagation of actionable knowledge across the organization
  • Take actions to support the organizations future capacity for innovation in a complex and rapidly changing environment
  • Affect changes in language and policy to create a culture of innovation

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