National Academies of Science – Thriving in the Innovation Economy through Collaborations of Government, Universities, and Industry

Thriving in the innovation economy demands a different approach to policy and programs.  It requires a higher degree of collaboration between government, universities, and industry, and the establishment of regional innovation networks to generate new jobs and wealth.  It requires economic development policies that will facilitate the movement of intellectual property and human capital between academia, industry, and our Federal labs and institutions.  Further, it needs to be sustainable.  Thriving in the innovation economy is a journey, not a one-time event.  It is the creation of a persistent regional collective intelligence that continuously produces the innovations that are the foundation of a lasting competitive advantage.  This talk presents a new approach using Innovation Network Mapping, and the concept of an Innovation Genotype™, to accomplish these objectives.

On 2/28/17 GUIRR held a workshop to discuss Innovation Network Mapping and how to build regional collective intelligence to drive innovation and economic growth with Gary Markovits, cofounder and CEO of Innovation Business Partners, Inc., an organization that helps high-growth companies; laboratories and governments increase their capacity for innovation.

Culture of Innovation as Collective Intelligence

We begin by assuming that cultures are created or emerge for a reason. Culture is a means to an end, not the end in itself. Great leaders begin by clearly defining and communicating why their organizations exist and create a culture that can achieve this purpose.

We propose that the power of organizational culture lies in its ability to create a collective intelligence that can acquire and apply knowledge and skills at a rate far exceeding that of any individual. This power derives from the organization’s shared tacit knowledge, collective explicit knowledge, acceptable behavior patterns, and the structure of the underlying social network that contains the organization’s social capital. A culture of innovation is the means by which great leaders create a collective intelligence capable of attaining the organization’s higher purpose in any environment.
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Generating and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation for the Navy’s Pit Crew at Lakehurst

Designing a culture that helps leadership to enable everyone in the organization to think the thoughts, talk the talk, and walk the walk that will produce the desired results has been the mission of NAVAIR’s Support Equipment & Aircraft Launch and Recovery (SE & ALRE) Department.

NAVAIR SE & ALRE has recently begun applying the Culture as Collective Intelligence (CCI) model, which allows leadership to measure and justify investments in their innovation networks. CCI has six elements. The innermost element is the organization’s WHY, its enduring purpose or reason to exist. The outermost element is the WHAT, the products and services it produces to realize the WHY. The four elements of the middle ring comprise the organization’s culture – the collective intelligence that continuously produces new products and services to achieve its enduring purpose time and again in a volatile and changing world.
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