TrUE Alliance Innovation Genotype™ and Regional Collaborators

Tri-State University Energy Alliance

The Tri-State University Energy (TrUE) Alliance  is a collaboration between Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the University of Pittsburgh (PITT) and West Virginia University (WVU) to accelerate innovations by addressing challenges and opportunities facing the energy sector of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  Within the TrUE Alliance each university has a different focus: CWRU is focused on energy storage, PITT on the grid, CMU on energy efficiency, and WVU on shale gas. By applying the Innovation Genotype model we demonstrate a systematic method of identifying and locating suitable organizations, and people to collaborate with and or license intellectual property.
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Identifying Potentially Disruptive Innovators

Abstract: This paper examines new ways to extract more insights from the invention networks.  We have developed a way of graphing the social influence, diversity of thought and creative intensity of inventors that visually identifies people that we believe are more likely to be the source of disruptive innovations and/or influential subject matter experts.
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